2021 City Profile/Business Directory

ATTN Chamber Members:

We are preparing the 2021 Community Profile/Business Directory publication. There well be a lot of important information for people new to the area as well as information about community events and things that make living in Jacksonville so special included in this publication.

The most current membership directory is also included in this publication and it shows the broad scope of goods and services that are available from chamber members. Because it’s a great way to promote your Chamber and its member businesses, we also mail this publication to EVERY ADDRESS in Jacksonville. And, we encourage everyone to shop with Chamber members first. It gives area residents a handy reference guide to keep at their fingertips.

In an effort to be more financially efficient, the Chamber will be coordinating the 2021 Business Directory/City Profile. This publication is going to over 18,000 households in the following zip codes: 72076, 72078 and 72079. We have made an effort to make this years rates more affordable. Click here for more information. What size ad can we put you down for? Please fill out the contract and email it to Steve Pawloski, stevenp@arkansasofficeproducts.com along with the ad you want to run. Please send it in a pdf or Tiff file.

The cost of advertising is well worth your investment – since we put your advertising message into every address in Jacksonville… and you have eleven months of further exposure to people new to the area. Your ad will also be featured digitally on our website, jacksonvillear.org! Your ad will be interactive, meaning when someone clicks on the ad, it will take them to your business website.

Thanks for your support of your Jacksonville Chamber!
Printing & Mailing Cost Funded by the Jacksonville A&P Commission

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